Empower every student to realize their boldest career dreams.

Improve Student Persistence

By 2X

Gain Degree & Career Insights In Minutes vs. Weeks With AI

Augment Advising Capacity

By 20-30%

Streamlined Workflows & Progress Tracking

Increase Enrollments

By 5-10%

University-Specific Program & Course Suggestions

Accelerate Strategic Innovation

By Months

Automated Feedback Collection & Advising Reports

 Why Student Success Must Evolve?

 1 in 3 students decide to drop out of their degree programs.

Overburdened University Advisors

The average student-to-advisor ratio across universities is 408 to 1.

Lack of Career Readiness Support

~50% of college graduates feel unprepared for the workplace.

Meet "Kelly",
Your World-Class, AI-Powered Advising Platform

“Kelly” by Advisor.AI is an AI-driven academic and career advising software platform for universities. 

Proven to improve student engagement and confidence by 2X by providing personalized and comprehensive academic and career guidance support.

The solution empowers career services and university advisors to build meaningful connections with more students and drive equitable success outcomes.


  • Major & Career Explorer
  • University-Specific Recommendations
  • Automated Resume Development
  • Student Insights Dashboard
  • Real-Time Career & Skill Insights
  • Streamlined Feedback Workflows
Improve Student Persistence & Confidence By 2X
Accelerate Career Planning & Readiness By Weeks

"Advisor.AI seems to cover a wide spectrum of student needs, from career assessments to personalized insights. It's excellent that they're leveraging both expert human resources and technology to enhance student engagement and success.”


Chad Ganley, Assistant Director, Career Development Center, Kutztown University

“Degree selection and career exploration features of the platform are really great and simple to use. I think it is a really good tool for students to have at their disposal for proactive guidance.”
Undergraduate Student, 4 Year Public University
100+ student reviews

“Advisor.AI solves the problem of overburdened advisors and students hungry for advising. It does what ethical AI should do: empower skilled workers to do their jobs better, thus creating more opportunities for their stakeholders, and unlocking a new level of success for everyone!”


- Patrick Driscoll, Investor

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Personalized & Comprehensive Advising Support

Our all-in-one platform combines the power of Artificial Intelligence with decades of career planning research, industry insights, and university-specific data to deliver high-quality and personalized academic and career guidance at scale.

Streamlined Advising Workflows: Human + AI

Subject matter experts possess valuable insights that technology can never replace. Our AI platform reinforces the need for advisory support through automated routing, personalized nudges, and streamlined workflows. University advisors can now efficiently scale their expertise to serve large and diverse student populations with ease.

Find a Meaningful Career Path with Actionable and Personalized Insights

Status Quo

Students can wait weeks for an appointment with academic counselors and often arrive confused and unprepared. Many resort to asking inexperienced friends or family for advice on critical academic and career-focused decisions. 

With AI-Powered Advising

Bold career goals require decisive action. Mapping education to income starts with Advisor.AI. Students can gain clarity in their path to success. Our interactive platform will take them on a journey to identify: 

  • What's my dream job?
  • What's my ideal major?
  • What's my optimal course schedule?
  • What skills should I develop next semester?

In the age of information, Advisor.AI filters endless possibilities into personalized and actionable career plans. We partner with universities and students to map coursework to degree to career.


Accelerate Student Success With Advisors & AI